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Diverse Kindergarten

Welcome to

Saint Teresa of Calcutta Early Learning Center and Child Care

We offer 3 to 5 full day programs for Infants through Little Learners and 2, 3, or 5 full or half day programs beginning in Preschool.  We are open 7 AM -5:30 PM and our academic programs begin at 8:30 AM for Preschool, Pre-K, and Pre-K Plus


Ages 3-4 years

Must be fully potty trained, no pull-ups, and going independently.


Ages 4-5 years


School Aged Children

Upcoming Events

Annual Patriotic Parade to celebrate Independence Day will be held in the ELC parking area at 3:00 PM on July 3rd.  Bring a chair to sit in or plan on standing or sitting on the curb of our parking area.

The ELC will be closing immediately after the parade.  All campers and ELC students will be dismissed at that time.  Happy 4th of July!!

Upcoming Events

Clouds Theme Room

Our Approach

Here at STC Early Learning Center and Child Care we believe that children need to be loved as we teach them and help them to grow in their early years.  We will love your children for you while you are away and guide them through the milestones of growth using methods of play and education that meet their specific individual needs.  We will nurture your child's curiosity and hope to inspire them to want to learn more!


"Going in and out of preschools for work, I knew what I was looking for when we were searching for the right fit for Logan. STC immediately felt like home. The thing that struct me the most was the lack of teacher turn-over and how long the wonderful staff and directors have been at STC. The teachers go above and beyond to put a smile on the children’s faces and know all about them personally and their families. Logan is excited to go to school in the morning. Everyday when we go to work, I know that he is left in the most loving environment and don’t have to ever worry about his care. Ms. Karina, Ms, Rachael, and Ms. Kate have helped him to grow so much the past couple of years. I love hearing about his day at pick up and seeing how much he is learning."

- Val & Jeff, Logan's parents

"We have been a part of the STC Childcare community since my 7 year old son was three months old. We could not share enough positive words or appreciation for every single teacher Anthony and Luca have had. The love and learning that has been provided to our boys is something we are so grateful for. Each teacher has exceed our expectations in the nurturing environment they have created to make Anthony and Luca feel safe, loved and foster learning and growth."

- Lauren, Anthony & Luca's Mom

" Both Raena and Cathy have a gentle, special way of working with Evie and we appreciate the kindness, care, and love that we see everyday. Knowing Evie is safe, happy, and cared for means everything to us. And of course we also want to praise Cathy and Raena for how much Evie has learned this past year - we are blown away!  Evie had a great PreK year and we know next year will also be wonderful. 

 Since being with Emma and Josephine, Julia's communication skills and vocabulary have exploded and I can see how much she loves school in all of her photos. It makes our hearts sing when Julia runs up to us at daycare pickup and announces she had a great day, which is almost every day. Julia has learned so much, grown so much, and is full of smiles and we know that is thanks to the teachers and staff of daycare. Emma, Reilly, and Josephine will always have a special place in our hearts and we are so grateful for them.

And of course Catherine loves her infant room!

- John and Kristine Treese

 Evie, Julia, and Catherine's parents

The teachers "bring fun to learning every day! Alex loves to come home and tell us about their special science experiment, new fact or thumbs up or down on a new food they tried. Everyday is a new learning experience and we are so grateful to have them teach our girl. She is beyond ready for a kindergarten. 


Ms. Josephine does a wonderful job of combining learning, structure and fun! Olivia’s speech has flourished with their daily songs and circle time spent learning abc’s and a new subject weekly. We are so grateful for the nurturing and loving environment they provide for our girl!"

- Nicole and Andrew Storti; Olivia and Alex's parents

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