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Diverse Kindergarten

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Registration is OPEN for the 2022-2023 academic year and for Summer Camp!  More information under the Programs tab.  Contact us with any questions.

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Ages 4-5 years


School Aged Children

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4th of July Parade: Friday, July 1

Closed: Monday, July 4

Pajama Day: Thursday, July 28

Employment Opportunities


We are looking for a teacher for our new Pre-K program! This is a full time position (40 hours a week) and includes benefits.

CARES/Summer Camp

We have a position open for our School Aged Children programs! This is a full time position (40 hours a week) and includes benefits.

Please contact Director Tara Melville at childcare@stteresacalcutta.com for more information!

Baby's Grasp

Our Approach

Here at STC Early Learning Center and Child Care we believe that children need to be loved as we teach them and help them to grow in their early years.  We will love your children for you while you are away and guide them through the milestones of growth using methods of play and education that meet their specific individual needs.  We will nurture your child's curiosity and hope to inspire them to want to learn more!


"The teachers in my sons class room have been absolutely amazing to my son. Miss.Rachael always brings a smile to his face, and he runs right up to hug her everyday. The kindness, compassion, and patience they have shown my son in his first year of preschool has not gone unnoticed. Things were challenging for him in the beginning being that this was the first time ever at a child care center/school environment and the effort and love they have shown him has molded him to learn and figure out the routines of that setting. The things he comes home and shows me and tells me amaze me at how much he learns while being there. I can’t show my appreciation enough to all the educators at St.Teresa child care especially to the teachers in my sons class room."

- Lanie, Julian's Mom

"Ms. Julieta and Ms. Tracie bring fun to learning every day! Alex loves to come home and tell us about their special science experiment, new fact or thumbs up or down on a new food they tried. Everyday is a new learning experience and we are so grateful to have them teach our girl. She is beyond ready for a kindergarten. 


Ms. Josephine and Ms. Aileen do a wonderful job of combining learning, structure and fun! Olivia’s speech has flourished with their daily songs and circle time spent learning abc’s and a new subject weekly. We are so grateful for the nurturing and loving environment they provide for our girl!"

- Nicole, Alex & Olivia's Mom

"Gracie has been at STC childcare since she was 2 1/2. She started with Miss Kathy who is absolutely amazing. She made Gracie’s transition to daycare a fabulous one. Gracie’s older toddler year was cut short because of the pandemic but, all her teachers in that classroom were amazing. Preschool 3 looked different but, Miss Lori made for a great year. Miss Lori is kind and compassionate and has all of the children’s best interest at heart. She made a hard year fun and exciting. Sadly, we are in our last year in childcare, Pre-K 4. Miss Tracie and Miss Julieta are great. They have thoroughly prepared Gracie for kindergarten. She can’t wait to take on that new challenge.  Gracie  is ready because of them. I can’t thank all of Gracie’s teachers enough."

- Jen, Gracie's Mom