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Current Full Time Employment Opportunities!

​None available at this time


Current Part Time Employment Opportunities

        Multi-Classroom Specialist

          2:30 PM-5:30PM

Do you love Children and want to nurture their growth and development while focusing mostly on their personal need for love and attention? Do you NEED benefits including inexpensive and great Healthcare, 23 days of PTO AND Paid Holidays off, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, 403B retirement plan that gives you money after 1000 hours worked, and Monday through Friday, 8 to 5, daytime work?

Are you tired of working in a center where children are expected to be "getting ready" for the next age group, Kindergarten, or a "college" education in the next year or so, while keeping them socially and emotionally healthy and finding time to keep yourself healthy too?

Do you just want to work with children, love them, teach them, and inspire them to love learning without a rigid curriculum and freedom to use many different resources to provide a day of play first and lessons next?

STC ELC may be the work home you are looking for!

Please view open positions that you may be interested in below and submit your application and resume to:


Multi-Classroom Specialist

We have part-time positions available for someone who loves children but would like to work a few hours per day, or after school. This is ideal for retired and active adults who love children and/or College Students and/or High School Juniors and Seniors that are looking for experience in the field of Education/Human Services/Psychology. We have an afternoon position available from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

Teacher with Pupils

Preschool Teacher Wanted!

We are currently looking for teachers for the 2024/2025 summer and upcoming school year!  These positions offer the ability to work in a fun and supportive environment and can be a co-lead or assistant position, dependent on applicants qualifications.  You do not need to be Catholic to work here but will be teaching basic religious concepts about Jesus and God to young children weekly. We are looking for someone that is reliable, has integrity, and is great working with children.  The hours for this position are typically 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and it is a year round position through the summer months.  Please contact our office if interested at 610-287-2500 ext. 3 or email

Pretoddler Teacher

Do you love children?  Do you love the stage of development when they first learn to walk and toddle around, give hugs, unconditional love, and explore their surrounding through play?  Then our Pretoddler classroom might be for you!  This is a full-time, year-round position working with a 1 to 5 ratio of teachers to children.  Please send us your information if you are interested!

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