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Helpful Resources

The following websites have information on typical child development, useful resources, and play ideas. (full of information on feeding your baby and toddler) you can follow them on Instagram for free daily tips and videos. 

Pinterest: Search EISLP she has many helpful boards filled with information on early intervention.

 Youtube: Signing time (teaches sign to toddlers)

 -Screen Time Recommendations: Never for a child under one. No more than one hour for kids 2-4 (World Health Organization 2019). For every 30 minutes of screen time there is a 49% increased risk of an expressive speech delay (Birkin 2017). 

Mothers of preschoolers: a group of moms that support other moms. 

Meet friendly local moms to talk about your kids and have fun  


Health and Safety Updates!

COVID Protocol Changes at The ELC

As we move further away from the pandemic, COVID cases are unfortunately becoming a bit more frequent as different variants arise and vaccinations are not catching them all. There has been a lot of change to COVID-19 guidance about isolation and quarantining from our licensing entities and the CDC.  While we try to follow the CDC guidance as best we can, we do need to take into consideration the fact that we care for children in a large group setting and they are of ages where they share germs daily no matter how much we do to mitigate it.  At this time we need to adjust our protocols for positive cases of COVID in order to best protect our childcare environment, children, staff, and families but also to allow working families as little disruption to their work schedules as possible. These changes are explained below and will be effective immediately.  

  1. Due to the decreased number of COVID cases but an increase in different variants and vaccination status for each, we will observe a 5 day isolation period for anyone that tests positive for COVID.

  2. If your child tests positive for COVID they need to stay home for 5 days from the date of the test (day 0 is the date of the test). 

  3.  Symptoms need to be significantly  improving upon return to the program.  If their symptoms worsen and/or your child develops new symptoms, we ask that you keep them home 5 days from the day of onset of worsening or new symptoms.



Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 can return after a 5 day isolation as long as they meet the following criteria: 


  • Remain fever free for 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medication) 

  • Symptoms improving or resolved (not coughing constantly, ease of breathing has returned, running nose and congestion is clear daily and not yellow or green consistently)

  • We recommend that children wear a well-fitted mask on days 6-10 if they are able.

Those who cannot wear a well-fitted mask may return but all symptoms should have subsided completely before returning. 

It is understandable that this adjustment in our practices will be met with differing opinions among our families. It is not the intention of the Early Learning Center to cause discord, nor to be haphazard in any way.  Rather, we are attempting to create the best possible and healthiest environment that we can for the children and staff here at STC.   Thank you for your continued patience, vigilance, and mindfulness, and for keeping sick children home.

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