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The Toddler classroom provides nurturing support as your child continues developing their physical, emotional, and social skills.  The teachers in this class will provide the children with a safe learning environment to explore and have fun!  They will begin to have circle time, which is learning time, and you will be amazed at how much they begin to talk in 2 and 3 words sentences in our Toddlers Class!  Shapes, colors, numbers, counting, and the alphabet are all introduced and the children practice using these concepts daily in their play and activities.

Your child will learn skills such as:

  • following simple directions

  • pointing to and recognizing pictures when they are named

  • showing interest and excitement with the other children

  • beginning color, letter, and shape recognition

  • expressing creativity, solving child-sized problems, and developing curiosity

  • developing both gross motor and fine motor skills as they squeeze, tear, roll, toss, catch, hug, hop, twist, run, and much more!

  • building confidence, learning impulse control, and developing social skills 

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