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Little Learners

The Little Learners classroom provides nurturing support as your child continues developing their physical, emotional, and social skills.  the children will be introduced to learning centers and begin to follow simple rules and wait for their turn to play with toys or read a favorite book.  It is never an immediate skill to pick up but sharing is practiced daily and repetitively in this class.  Time and days of the week are also introduced in this class and children enjoy talking about what they are planning to do for the day in Circle Time in the mornings.  Higher level thinking skills and fine motor skills are an important focus in this room with weekly puzzle activities, Seek and Find activities, and beginnings of one-to one correspondence and simple counting/math skills that they will master and build upon throughout their time in Little Learners.  In addition, Potty Training is a focus in this class as the children should be potty trained before moving onto Preschool.  We ask that families be training consistently for at least two weeks before we try it here.  The teachers in this class are experts in potty training, so if you need ideas or suggestions to help at home you can always use them as a resource!

Your child will learn skills such as:

  • taking turns in play

  • following instructions with multiple steps

  • using buttons, screws, and other moving parts

  • peddling a tricycle

  • using the toilet

  • being responsible for their own personal belongings

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