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The Pre-Toddler classroom provides nurturing support as your child continues developing their physical, emotional, and social skills.

This classroom meets children where they are in development.  We will help them to begin to learn social skills and cues throughout the day and as they begin to say a few words and make daily gestures.  Children in this class have just begun to walk and explore in a vertical position!  We will nurture those skills by taking your child on daily walks and playing on the playground.  This is the age that they LOVE to explore and get dirty so we spend a lot of time outdoors on our playground as well.  The teachers are skilled in developing language for each child's emotions and will guide them as they learn to play, share, and take turns with their peers.

Your child will learn skills such as:

  • playing with others and independently 

  • saying simple words and using head nods to communicate

  • pointing to recognized ordinary objects

  • walking and running independently

  • using a sippy cup to drink from

  • sleeping on a mat instead of the crib

  • eating solid and finger foods

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